Practical Collection 10 volumes Tourism

  • Practical Collection 10 volumes Tourism
    Practical Collection 10 volumes Tourism
    Practical Collection 10 volumes Tourism
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This we week to show you collection of stereoscopic views entitled" Tourism Practical" , and Jesus Fernandez acquired about 15 years ago. The collection consists of 10 volumes and a viewer that can also be saved in an original box-shaped volumes of hollow volumes of the collection.

In order to properly assess this collection is imported you know the Concept catalog of stereoscopic views , one of whose greatest exponents in our country was House Laurent . Laurent published from 1861 to 1880 catalogs with pictures of landscapes in Spain, grouped by subject and provinces. To make all images, in addition to their own photographs Laurent was commissioning various photographers, who sent throughout Spain to complete the funds in your file.

After Laurent, the publisher Alberto Martin (the collection before us today), he carried out a similar work thanks to a network of correspondents photographers at the beginning of the century XX , getting done with their stereoscopic views a portrait depth of the Spain of that time The collection, which data 1910-1920 consists of a large amount of stereoscopic cards to the dry plate and is composed of 10 to 14 images per series, total collection consists of 334 views.

One of the peculiarities of the publications of our collection is the views lacking dating, with the idea of ​​ prolong the shelf life of products Moreover, each of the back sides of these stereoscopic card contains a brief description of the image in Spanish, French and English, as an example in this view on Constitution Square. . Zaragoza

These views soon became a" must" for domestic tourists and international and today we allow a journey through time in 3 dimensions As always, this collection is at your disposal in the museum